In the FY 2022/23, revenue collection totaled UGX 25,330.8 billion, reflecting a revenue-to-GDP ratio of 14.3 percent, which exceeds the projected target of 14.01 percent set in the National Development Plan III. Out of the total revenue for FY2022/23, UGX 1,569.9 billion was accrued from non-tax sources, while tax revenues amounted to UGX 23,732.99 billion. This strong performance is largely due to enhanced tax administration efforts as part of the accelerated execution of the Domestic Revenue Mobilization Strategy. Strategic interventions included the digitalization of the tax system, strengthened audit operations, the crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance, enhancing staffing levels at the Uganda Revenue Authority, broadening the tax base, and streamlining tax expenditures to minimize leakages.

FY 2022/23 Revenue Outturns (UGX Billions)

Source: MoFPED