Government approved the Comprehensive National Development Planning Framework (CNDPF) in 2007 as the country’s strategic planning framework. It was developed by blending our local experience with lessons learnt from other countries especially the emerging economies of Asia.

The CNDPF presents a synchronized and holistic approach to development planning intended to deliver long-term development aspirations of the nation.


The major underlying principles of this framework and which shall be followed by all actors include the following:
› Equity and gender equality
› Competitiveness
› Public Private Partnership (PPP)
› Sustainable development
› Economic diversification
› Participation & ownership
› Evidence-based planning
› Accountability for development results


The CNDPF is comprised of five principal elements namely the 30 year national vision, 10 year national development plan, the 5 year national development plans and annual plans and budgets

The National Vision (30 years)

  • A 30- year shared national vision shall guide development agenda for the country by articulating long term aspirations and projections about the desired future.
  • A shared National Vision is a creed that helps the country to make informed decisions so that the desired future can be realized. It provides a long-term focus for national development efforts. The Vision motivates the people and defines the direction and strategy towards the attainment of agreed long term goals of the nation. The Vision also provides a rallying point for everyone in the country to work towards a common purpose and values.

The 10-Year National Development Plan

  • In order to actualize the 30-year National Vision aspirations, the Government shall develop and implement three successive 10-year National Development Plans.
  • The 10-year National Development Plans will outline the overall development objectives for the respective decades which will subsequently be elaborated in the 5-year medium term plans. They will also set the national long-term targets through which the National Vision will be achieved.

The 5-Year National Development Plan

  • The 5-Year National Development Plan will operationalise the 10-year National Development Plan. It will set out the macroeconomic growth targets and priority public sector development programmes. In addition, it will spell out the envisaged role of the private sector and civil society.
  • The plan shall consist of medium term specific objectives and strategies for the various operational organs of Government.
  • The priorities set out in the 5-Year plan will guide the allocation of public resources and specify key annualized monitorable indicators and targets. The 5-Year plan will be costed with annualized budgets as well as mid-term projection of the resource envelope under the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).
  • The 5-year plans will be subjected to mid-term reviews for purposes of ensuring that appropriate development control and direction are maintained. This will help assess progress and keep it on course.

Sector Policies and Master Plans

  • Ministries, Government Departments and Agencies shall be required to prepare their respective Sector Policies and Master Plans, which have to be consistent with the long term national development goals and objectives. The Sector Policies shall set out, among other things, the strategic direction of the sector for the next five years. The Sector Policy shall ensure that the capability of the sector strategic role in national development is sustained and enhanced in light of new and emerging challenges.
  • The Master Plans shall spell out the interventions to achieve each objective identified in the sector policy. They will further detail inputs and target indicators of each intervention.
  • Sectoral plans and strategies will be harmonized for a 5- year period and their timing will be consistent with the start and end time for the five year NDPs.

Annual Plan/Budget

  • The annual plan/budget shall spell out the priority activities for the year and their budgetary allocations consistent with the MTEF projections. The priority activities shall be selected to realize the objectives and strategies in the 5-Year National Development Plan.


The Comprehensive National Development Planning Framework (CNDPF)