The National Development Plan (NDP) stipulates the Country’s medium term strategic direction, development priorities and implementation strategies. In addition, it details Uganda’s current development status, challenges and opportunities. In line with the National Vision Framework, six (6) five-year NDPs will be implemented and so far two NDPs have been produced. The first NDP (NDPI) was for the period 2010/11 – 2014/2015 and the second NDP (NDPII) is from 2015/16 – 2019/2020.

The NDPII builds on the achievements of NDPI which was largely based on strengthening the foundation of the economy to set the stage for future economic growth and social transformation. 

NDPII Strategic Direction

The thrust of the NDPII is to propel the country to middle income status in the next five years through prioritizing investment in five key growth drivers with the greatest multiplier effect as identified in the Uganda Vision 2040.

In line with the country’s Vision, the theme for the NDPII is “Strengthening Uganda’s Competitiveness for Sustainable Wealth Creation, inclusive Growth and Employment.” 


The goal of this Plan is to propel the country into middle income status by 2020.

NDPII Objectives

In order to realize the above goal, four objectives will be pursued and these are;

  1. Increase sustainable production, productivity and value addition in key growth opportunities.
  2. Increase the stock and quality of strategic infrastructure to accelerate the country’s competitiveness.
  3. Enhance human capital development; and
  4. Strengthen mechanisms for quality, effective and efficient service delivery 

NPDII Priority Areas and Strategic Interventions

The plan has prioritized five key growth drivers with the greatest multiplier effect as identified in the Uganda Vision 2040 namely: Agriculture; Tourism; Minerals, Oil and Gas; Infrastructure; and Human Capital Development.