The National Planning Authority has received financing from the World Bank towards the cost of the “Support to National Planning Capacity Building and Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area Economic Development Project”, and intends to apply part of the financing for consulting services.

The consulting services (“the Services”) include mapping strategic undeveloped land that can be made available for future investment through acquisition by government or through making arrangements with the owners so that they can directly be linked with investors. This is critical for ensuring efficient and cost-effective use of land space. Land Banking is an instrument for economic growth as it allows government to acquire land affordably and hold it for future public investments and developments. The guiding principles of land banking in developing countries are: to support the implementation of urban development projects; to improve access of the poor and other specific target groups to land; to reduce inflation in land prices and reduce land speculation; to promote public private partnerships; and to improve land tenure structures; and to improve the availability of land for commercial and industrial projects. In a private sector context, land banking is associated with the purchase of land for investment purposes and land speculation.

The assignment to prepare a report and guidelines for the land banking concept in GKMA will involve consultations with local leaders and land owners on the possibility of establishing the required partnerships including the possibility of enabling landowners to offer their land for Right of Way for public investment. The report and guideline on the land banking concept will provide the much-needed understanding of the land banking concept, how land banking can be done or land banks and the land fund can be managed in order to facilitate public investments in the GKMA. The assignment will be implemented in close partnership with the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development and other key GKMA stakeholder institutions.

The Consultant Firm shall provide the full range of multi-disciplinary consultancy services required for this assignment, providing specific services of the various consultants. The Consultant’s team shall include the following key personnel:  Land Management Expert/ Physical Planner (Team leader), Environmental Expert; Social Development Expert and a Legal Expert

This assignment will take 3man- months and 3 weeks, the expected start date of this assignment is 28th December,2020 ensuring full consistency with the TOR referred to in this REOI.

Please click here to download the detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment