The NPA Act affiliates to the Authority over 15 bodies/institutions, whose heads automatically become ex-officio Members of the Authority (Section 5(3) of the NPA Act (15 of 2002). These bodies/institutions are:

Also, in accordance with the NPA Act are the following actors/stakeholders in the national development process were co-opted to the NPA Board:

› Presidential Advisor on Economic Affairs
› Governor, Bank of Uganda
› Head, Uganda Local Authorities Association
› Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA/ELSU
› Head, Private Sector Foundation (PSFU)
› Presidential Advisor on Poverty Alleviation
› Presidential Advisor on the Manifesto
› Partner (Expanded Board)

The rationale for Expanded Authority (ex-officio members) is to provide the framework within which key agencies and stakeholders that input into the planning and development process will have one planning forum, with a view to ensuring that there is harmonization of both the vision and interventions at the policy, planning and implementation levels, in a coordinated, integrated and efficient manner. The forum that brings together the Full Time Board and ex-officio members is the Expanded Board/Authority.